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There have always been changes on the procedures of obtaining a Turkey E-visa. As from the year 2014, passengers have now been acquiring the e-visa in advance of their travel not at the entry points. The border authorities still maintain their procedures for certain transitional periods. The E-visa system allows visitors to obtain their visas as fast as in three minutes online. It is evident that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has continued to strengthen the system enabling foreign nationals to obtain the visas in an easy way. The company sets terms and conditions to be followed by the applicants inquiring to have the correct visa for a specified period of time.

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On payment, the company processes the client's requirements and is always not responsible for any incorrect information provided. It then makes all efforts to obtain a correct visa upon payment which is done online. Once the application has been submitted to the e-visa application system, the refund of any amount is always impossible upon rejection if it happens to occur. This translates to one seeking the Turkish Embassy for tourist for a visa which accompanies additional charges. One must be honesty and provide reliable information and details in order to obtain a Turkish e-visa.

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We have specialist team in visa procedures represent our customers from all over the world who wish to apply for e-visa to Turkey. Where we provide services for a fee in addition to the official government expenses to give advice, and to provide assistance and representation of our clients at the completion of the visa, which is often characterized by complex application procedures. Please note that this website is neither owned nor affiliated with the Turkish Government, we work independently for the benefit of our customers. You can get a visa directly through the government website.